2.5/3.5 Phone Jacks(SMT)
2.5/3.5 Phone Jacks(DIP)
6.35 Phone Jacks
DC Power Jacks(SMT)
DC Power Jacks(DIP)
AC Power Jacks
PCB Jacks
RCA Pin Jacks
PTB Push Terminal Board
Min Din Connectors/S Terminals
Rocker Switches
Power Switches
Uni-Direction Push-Button Switches
Slide Switches
Tactile Switches
Push Switches
Micro Switches
Door Lock Switches
USB Connectors
Top Products
Wenzhou QingPu Electronics Co., Ltd. is mainly focusing on electronics market.
We professionally engage in various jacks, switches, sockets, plugs, connectors and headsets, like 2.5/3.5/6.35 phone jacks, DC/AC power jacks, PCB jacks, rocker switches, power switches, toggle switches, door lock switches and USB connectors etc. These products are widely applied to telecommunications, audio-visual equipments, household appliances and computers and so on.
The product ranges are expanding day by day, under continuous efforts of our team. After years' experience, we could supply considerable high quality parts with reasonable prices, as well as excellent services. We have gained confidence by our customers.   
We highly welcome your any interest and look forward to your inquiries for our products. In case of any comments, please feel free to contact us, our replies will be given without any delay.
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